Monday, July 23, 2012

Sanyo LB1846M, 1848M pdf datasheet


The LB1846M and LB1848M are 2-channel low-voltage,
low saturation voltage type bidirectional motor driver ICs
that are optimal for use as 2-phase stepping motor drivers
in printers, floppy disk drives, and cameras and other
portable equipment. The output circuits are of the bipolar
type, with pnp transistors in the upper side and npn
transistors in the lower side, and they achieve low
saturation output and low power characteristics despite
being provided in a miniature package.
Both of these IC products can directly control a motor
from signals from a microcontroller. The LB1846M is
optimal for 1-2 phase excitation drive for 2-phase stepping
motors using 4-input logic (IN1, IN2, IN3, and IN4) and
the LB1848M is optimal for 2-phase excitation drive for
2-phase stepping motors using 3-input logic (ENA, IN1,
and IN2).
Another point is that these ICs include built-in thermal
shutdown circuits so that IC scorching or burning is
prevented in advance even if the IC outputs are shorted.
Additionally, the MFP-10S miniature package used
supports reduced-space mounting.


• Optimal for 1-2 phase excitation drive for 2-phase
stepping motors (LB1846M)
• Optimal for 2 phase excitation drive for 2-phase
stepping motors (LB1848M)
• Low saturation voltage. VO(sat) = 0.55 V typical at IO =
400 mA
• Standby current: zero
• Thermal shutdown circuit
• Miniature package: MFP-10S (6.5 ´ 5.1 mm)
• Through-current prevention circuit (LB1848M only)
• “Soft off” function that reduces power supply line noise
when switching from drive to standby modes. (Requires
the use of one external capacitor.) (LB1848M only)
• No limitations on the magnitude relationship between
the power supply voltage (VCC) and the input voltage

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