Friday, October 5, 2012

bq2019 Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet download


Multifunction Monitoring IC Designed to
Work With an Intelligent Host Controller
– Provides State-of-Charge Information for
Rechargeable Batteries
– Enhances Charge Termination
Ideal for Single-Cell Li-Ion or 3-Cell NiMH
High-Accuracy Coulometric Charge and
Discharge Current Integration With Offset
32 Bytes of General-Purpose RAM
96 Bytes of Flash (Including 32 Bytes of
Shadow Flash)
8 Bytes of ID ROM
Internal Temperature Sensor Eliminates the
Need for an External Thermistor

Multifunction Digital Output Port
High-Accuracy Internal Timebase
Eliminates External Crystal Oscillator
Low Power Consumption
– Operating: <80 μA
– Sleep: <1.5 μA
Single-Wire HDQ Serial Interface
Packaging: 8-Lead TSSOP


The bq2019 advanced battery-monitoring IC accurately measures the charge and discharge currents in a
rechargeable battery pack. In pack integration, the bq2019 is the basis of a comprehensive battery-capacity
management system in portable applications such as cellular phones, PDAs, or other portable products.
The bq2019 works with the host controller in the portable system to implement the battery management system.
The host controller interprets the bq2019 data and communicates meaningful battery data to the end-user or
power-management system.
The bq2019 provides 64 bytes of general-purpose flash memory, 8 bytes of ID ROM, and 32 bytes of
flash-backed RAM for data storage. The nonvolatile memory can maintain formatted battery-monitor
information, identification codes, warranty information, or other critical battery parameters when the battery is
temporarily shorted or deeply discharged

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