Thursday, September 20, 2012

LM27222 Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet download


High-Speed 4.5A Synchronous MOSFET Driver

General Description

The LM27222 is a dual N-channel MOSFET driver designed
to drive MOSFETs in push-pull configurations as typically
used in synchronous buck regulators. The LM27222 takes
the PWM output from a controller and provides the proper
timing and drive levels to the power stage MOSFETs. Adaptive
shoot-through protection prevents damaging and efficiency
reducing shoot-through currents, thus ensuring a robust
design capable of being used with nearly any MOSFET.
The adaptive shoot-through protection circuitry also reduces
the dead time down to as low as 10ns, ensuring the highest
operating efficiency. The peak sourcing and sinking current
for each driver of the LM27222 is about 3A and 4.5Amps
respectively with a Vgs of 5V. System performance is also
enhanced by keeping propagation delays down to 8ns. Efficiency
is once again improved at all load currents by supporting
synchronous, non-synchronous, and diode emulation
modes through the LEN pin. The minimum output pulse
width realized at the output of the MOSFETs is as low as
30ns. This enables high operating frequencies at very high
conversion ratios in buck regulator designs. To support low
power states in notebook systems, the LM27222 draws only
5μA from the 5V rail when the IN and LEN inputs are low or


n Adaptive shoot-through protection
n 10ns dead time
n 8ns propagation delay
n 30ns minimum on-time
n 0.4Ω pull-down and 0.9Ω pull-up drivers
n 4.5A peak driving current
n MOSFET tolerant design
n 5μA quiescent current
n 30V maximum input voltage in buck configuration
n 4V to 6.85V operating voltage
n SO-8 and LLP packages


n High Current Buck And Boost Voltage Converters
n Fast Transient DC/DC Power Supplies
n Single Ended Forward Output Rectification
n CPU And GPU Core Voltage Regulators

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