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tms320c6713 Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet download


Highest-Performance Floating-Point Digital
Signal Processor (DSP)
− Eight 32-Bit Instructions/Cycle
− 32/64-Bit Data Word
− 225-, 200-MHz (GDP), and 200-, 167-MHz
(PYP) Clock Rates
− 4.4-, 5-, 6-Instruction Cycle Times
− 1800/1350, 1600/1200, and 1336/1000
− Rich Peripheral Set, Optimized for Audio
− Highly Optimized C/C++ Compiler
− Extended Temperature Devices Available
Advanced Very Long Instruction Word
(VLIW) TMS320C67x DSP Core
− Eight Independent Functional Units:
− Two ALUs (Fixed-Point)
− Four ALUs (Floating- and Fixed-Point)
− Two Multipliers (Floating- and
− Load-Store Architecture With 32 32-Bit
General-Purpose Registers
− Instruction Packing Reduces Code Size
− All Instructions Conditional
Instruction Set Features
− Native Instructions for IEEE 754
− Single- and Double-Precision
− Byte-Addressable (8-, 16-, 32-Bit Data)
− 8-Bit Overflow Protection
− Saturation; Bit-Field Extract, Set, Clear;
Bit-Counting; Normalization
L1/L2 Memory Architecture
− 4K-Byte L1P Program Cache
− 4K-Byte L1D Data Cache (2-Way)
− 256K-Byte L2 Memory Total: 64K-Byte
L2 Unified Cache/Mapped RAM, and
192K-Byte Additional L2 Mapped RAM
Device Configuration
− Boot Mode: HPI, 8-, 16-, 32-Bit ROM Boot
− Endianness: Little Endian, Big Endian
32-Bit External Memory Interface (EMIF)
− Glueless Interface to SRAM, EPROM,
Flash, SBSRAM, and SDRAM
− 512M-Byte Total Addressable External
Memory Space

Enhanced Direct-Memory-Access (EDMA)
Controller (16 Independent Channels)
16-Bit Host-Port Interface (HPI)
Two McASPs
− Two Independent Clock Zones Each
(1 TX and 1 RX)
− Eight Serial Data Pins Per Port:
Individually Assignable to any of the
Clock Zones
− Each Clock Zone Includes:
− Programmable Clock Generator
− Programmable Frame Sync Generator
− TDM Streams From 2-32 Time Slots
− Support for Slot Size:
8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32 Bits
− Data Formatter for Bit Manipulation
− Wide Variety of I2S and Similar Bit
Stream Formats
− Integrated Digital Audio Interface
Transmitter (DIT) Supports:
− S/PDIF, IEC60958-1, AES-3, CP-430
− Up to 16 transmit pins
− Enhanced Channel Status/User Data
− Extensive Error Checking and Recovery
Two Inter-Integrated Circuit Bus (I2C Bus)
Multi-Master and Slave Interfaces
Two Multichannel Buffered Serial Ports:
− Serial-Peripheral-Interface (SPI)
− High-Speed TDM Interface
− AC97 Interface
Two 32-Bit General-Purpose Timers
Dedicated GPIO Module With 16 pins
(External Interrupt Capable)
Flexible Phase-Locked-Loop (PLL) Based
Clock Generator Module
IEEE-1149.1 (JTAG†)
208-Pin PowerPAD Plastic (Low-Profile)
Quad Flatpack (PYP)
272-BGA Packages (GDP)
0.13-μm/6-Level Copper Metal Process
− CMOS Technology
3.3-V I/Os, 1.2-V‡ Internal (GDP & PYP)

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