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LM76 National Semiconductor pdf datasheet download


LM76 +/-0.5C, +/-1C, 12-Bit + Sign Digital Temperature Sensor and Thermal
WindowComparator with Two-Wire Interface

±0.5°C, ±1°C, 12-Bit + Sign Digital Temperature Sensor and
Thermal Window Comparator with Two-Wire Interface

General Description
The LM76 is a digital temperature sensor and thermal window
comparator with an I2C™ Serial Bus interface with an accuracy
of ±1°C. This accuracy for the LM76CHM is specified for
a −10°C to 45°C temperature range. The LM76CHM is specified
with an accuracy ±0.5°C at 25°C. The window-comparator
architecture of the LM76 eases the design of temperature
control systems conforming to the ACPI (Advanced Configuration
and Power Interface) specification for personal computers.
The open-drain Interrupt (INT) output becomes active
whenever temperature goes outside a programmable window,
while a separate Critical Temperature Alarm
(T_CRIT_A) output becomes active when the temperature
exceeds a programmable critical limit. The INT output can
operate in either a comparator or event mode, while the
T_CRIT_A output operates in comparator mode only.
The host can program both the upper and lower limits of the
window as well as the critical temperature limit. Programmable
hysterisis as well as a fault queue are available
to minimize false tripping. Two pins (A0, A1) are available for
address selection. The sensor powers up with default thresholds
of 2°C THYST, 10°C TLOW, 64°C THIGH, and 80°C T_CRIT.
The LM76's 5.0V supply voltage, Serial Bus interface, 12-bit
+ sign output, and full-scale range of over 127°C make it ideal
for a wide range of applications. These include thermal management
and protection applications in personal computers,
electronic test equipment, office electronics and bio-medical

■ Window comparison simplifies design of ACPI compatible
temperature monitoring and control.
■ Serial Bus interface
■ Separate open-drain outputs for Interrupt and Critical
Temperature shutdown
■ Shutdown mode to minimize power consumption
■ Up to 4 LM76s can be connected to a single bus
■ 12-bit + sign output; full-scale reading of over 127°C
Key Specifications
■ Supply Voltage 5.0V
■ Supply Current operating 250 μA (typ)
450 μA (max)
shutdown 8 μA (max)

■ Temperature
+25°C ±0.5°C(max)
−10°C to +45°C ±1.0°C(max)
70°C to 100°C ±1.0°C(max)
■ Resolution 0.0625°C
■ System Thermal Management
■ Personal Computers
■ Office Electronics

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