Saturday, August 4, 2012

MACRONIX MX29LV320DBT flash pdf datasheet download

MX29LV320D T/B

32M-BIT [4M x 8 / 2M x 16] 3V SUPPLY FLASH MEMORY

• Byte/Word switchable
- 4,194,304 x 8 / 2,097,152 x 16
• Sector Structure
- 8K-Byte x 8 and 64K-Byte x 63
• Extra 64K-Byte sector for security
- Features factory locked and identifiable, and customer lockable
• Twenty-Four Sector Groups
- Provides sector group protect function to prevent program or erase operation in the protected sector group
- Provides chip unprotect function to allow code changing
- Provides temporary sector group unprotect function for code changing in previously protected sector groups
• Power Supply Operation
- Vcc 2.7 to 3.6 volt for read, erase, and program operations
• Latch-up protected to 100mA from -1V to 1.5 x Vcc
• Low Vcc write inhibit : Vcc ≤ Vlko
• Compatible with JEDEC standard
- Pinout and software compatible to single power supply Flash
• Functional compatible with MX29LV320C T/B device
• High Performance
- Fast access time: 70ns
- Fast program time: 11us/word typical utilizing accelerate function
- Fast erase time: 0.7s/sector, 35s/chip (typical)
• Low Power Consumption
- Low active read current: 10mA (typical) at 5MHz
- Low standby current: 5uA (typical)
• Typical 100,000 erase/program cycle
• 20 years data retention
• Erase Suspend/ Erase Resume
- Suspends sector erase operation to read data from or program data to another sector which is not being
• Status Reply
- Data# Polling & Toggle bits provide detection of program and erase operation completion
• Support Common Flash Interface (CFI)
• Ready/Busy# (RY/BY#) Output
- Provides a hardware method of detecting program and erase operation completion
• Hardware Reset (RESET#) Input
- Provides a hardware method to reset the internal state machine to read mode
• WP#/ACC input pin
- Provides accelerated program capability

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