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Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus pdf datasheet download

Operating the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition
Documentation Conventions
In the body of this guidebook, TI-83 Plus (in silver) refers to the
TI-83 Plus Silver Edition. Sometimes, as in Chapter 19, the full
name TI-83 Plus Silver Edition is used to distinguish it from the
TI-83 Plus.
All the instructions and examples in this guidebook also work for
the TI-83 Plus. All the functions of the TI-83 Plus Silver Edition and the
TI-83 Plus are the same. The two calculators differ only in available RAM
memory and Flash application ROM memory.

TI-83 Plus Keyboard
Generally, the keyboard is divided into these zones: graphing keys,
editing keys, advanced function keys, and scientific calculator keys.
Keyboard Zones
Graphing — Graphing keys access the interactive graphing features.
Editing — Editing keys allow you to edit expressions and values.
Advanced — Advanced function keys display menus that access the
advanced functions.
Scientific — Scientific calculator keys access the capabilities of a
standard scientific calculator.

Using the Color.Coded Keyboard
The keys on the TI-83 Plus are color-coded to help you easily locate the
key you need.
The light gray keys are the number keys. The blue keys along the right side
of the keyboard are the common math functions. The blue keys across the
top set up and display graphs. The blue Πkey provides access to
applications such as the Finance application.
The primary function of each key is printed on the keys. For example,
when you press , the MATH menu is displayed.
Using the y and ƒ Keys
The secondary function of each key is printed in yellow above the key.
When you press the yellow y key, the character, abbreviation, or word
printed in yellow above the other keys becomes active for the next
keystroke. For example, when you press y and then , the TEST
menu is displayed. This guidebook describes this keystroke combination
as y:.

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