Sunday, August 5, 2012

Texas Instruments CC2591 pdf datasheet download


2.4-GHz RF Front End


· Seamless Interface to 2.4-GHz Low Power RF
Devices from Texas Instruments
· Up to 22-dBm Output Power
· 6-dB Typical Improved Sensitivity on CC24xx
and CC2500, CC2510, and CC2511
· Few External Components
– Integrated Switches
– Integrated Matching Network
– Integrated Balun
– Integrated Inductors
– Integrated PA
– Integrated LNA
· Digital Control of LNA Gain by HGM Pin
· 100-nA in Power Down (EN = PAEN = 0)
· Low Transmit Current Consumption
(100-mA at 3-V for 20-dBm Out, PAE = 33%)
· Low Receive Current Consumption
– 3.4-mA for High Gain Mode
– 1.7-mA for Low Gain Mode
· 4.8-dB LNA Noise Figure, including T/R Switch
and external antenna match
· RoHS Compliant 4×4-mm QFN-16 Package
· 2-V to 3.6-V Operation


· All 2.4-GHz ISM Band Systems
· Wireless Sensor Networks
 · Wireless Industrial Systems
 · IEEE 802.15.4 and ZigBee Systems
· Wireless Consumer Systems
· Wireless Audio Systems


CC2591 is a cost-effective and high performance RF
Front End for low-power and low-voltage 2.4-GHz
wireless applications.
 CC2591 is a range extender for all existing and future
 2.4-GHz low-power RF transceivers, transmitters and
 System-on-Chip products from Texas Instruments.
 CC2591 increases the link budget by providing a
 power amplifier for increased output power, and an
 LNA with low noise figure for improved receiver
 CC2591 provides a small size, high output power RF
 design with its 4x4-mm QFN-16 package.
CC2591 contains PA, LNA, switches, RF-matching,
 and balun for simple design of high performance wireless applications.

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