Monday, August 6, 2012

Texas Instruments OMAP2420 Processor Overview pdf datasheet download

OMAP™ 2 Architecture:
OMAP2420 Processor


• 90-nm CMOS process for maximum system
• Unique, modular multi-engine architecture
• ARM11 architecture from 330 MHz to 1 GHz
• TI DSP-based audio and video, imaging, and industry
leading graphics accelerators
• Software compatible with all OMAP processors
• Supports all major air interface standards and
operating systems
• Full, built-in hardware security platform


By coupling Texas Instrument’s (TI) 15 years of success in the
wireless market with TI’s long standing expertise in signal processing
for consumer electronics, the OMAP 2 architecture builds upon the
benefits and features of the market leading first generation OMAP
platform. The OMAP 2 architecture provides a foundation for
mobile device manufacturers to merge today’s most compelling
high-end consumer electronics in an “All-in-One” smartphone or
converged portable multimedia device.

Click here to download Texas Instruments OMAP2420 Processor Overview pdf datasheet

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