Monday, August 6, 2012

UC2577-ADJ pdf datasheet download Texas Instruments



· Requires Few External Components
· NPN Output Switches 3.0A, 65V(max)
· Extended Input Voltage Range: 3.0V to 40V
· Current Mode Operation for Improved
Transient Response, Line Regulation, and
Current Limiting
· Soft Start Function Provides Controlled
· 52kHz Internal Oscillator
· Output Switch Protected by Current Limit,
Undervoltage Lockout and Thermal
· Improved Replacement for LM2577-ADJ


· Simple Boost and Flyback Converters
· SEPIC Topology Permits Input Voltage to
be Higher or Lower than Output Voltage
· Transformer Coupled Forward Regulators
· Multiple Output Designs


The UC2577-ADJ device provides all the active functions necessary
to implement step-up (boost), flyback, and forward converter
switching regulators. Requiring only a few components, these simple
regulators efficiently provide up to 60V as a step-up regulator,
and even higher voltages as a flyback or forward converter regulator.
The UC2577-ADJ features a wide input voltage range of 3.0V to
40V and an adjustable output voltage. An on-chip 3.0A NPN switch
is included with undervoltage lockout, thermal protection circuitry,
and current limiting, as well as soft start mode operation to reduce
current during startup. Other features include a 52kHz fixed frequency
on-chip oscillator with no external components and current
mode control for better line and load regulation.
A standard series of inductors and capacitors are available from
several manufacturers optimized for use with these regulators and
are listed in this data sheet.

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