Monday, August 6, 2012

TPS61500 pdf datasheet download Texas Instruments,


3A Boost Converter for High Brightness LED Driver with Multiple Dimming Methods


2• 2.9-V to 18-V Input Voltage Range
• Analog and Pure PWM Brightness Dimming
• 3-A, 40-V Internal Power Switch
– Four 3-W LEDs from 5-V input
– Eight 3-W LEDs from 12-V input
• 14-pin HTSSOP Package with PowerPAD™
• High Efficiency Power Conversion: Up to 93%
• Frequency Set by External Resistor: 200-kHz 
to 2.2-MHz
• User Defined Soft Start into Full Load
• Programmable Over Voltage Protection


• Monitor backlight
• 1-W or 3-W high brightness LED


The TPS61500 is a monolithic switching regulator with integrated 3-A, 40-V power switch. It is an ideal driver for
high brightness 1-W or 3-W LED. The device has a wide input voltage range to support application with input
voltage from multi-cell batteries or regulated 5-V, 12-V power rails.
The LED current is set with an external sensor resistor R3, and the feedback voltage that is regulated to 200-mV
by current mode PWM (pulse width modulation) control loop, as shown in the typical application. The device
supports analog and pure PWM dimming methods for LED brightness control. Connecting a capacitor to the
DIMC pin configures the device to be used for analog dimming, and the LED current varies proportional to the
duty cycle of an external PWM signal. Floating the DIMC pin configures the IC for pure PWM dimming with the
average LED current being the PWM signal's duty cycle times a set LED current.
The device features a programmable soft-start function to limit inrush current during start-up, and has built-in
other protection features, such as pulse-by-pulse over current limit, over voltage protection and thermal
shutdown. The TPS61500 is available in 14-pin HTSSOP package with PowerPad.

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