Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ADC0801/ADC0802/ADC0803/ADC0804/ADC0805 8-Bit μP Compatible A/D Converters

8-Bit μP Compatible A/D Converters

General Description

The ADC0801, ADC0802, ADC0803, ADC0804 and
ADC0805 are CMOS 8-bit successive approximation A/D
converters that use a differential potentiometric
ladder—similar to the 256R products. These converters are
designed to allow operation with the NSC800 and INS8080A
derivative control bus with TRI-STATE output latches directly
driving the data bus. These A/Ds appear like memory locations
or I/O ports to the microprocessor and no interfacing
logic is needed.
Differential analog voltage inputs allow increasing the
common-mode rejection and offsetting the analog zero input
voltage value. In addition, the voltage reference input can be
adjusted to allow encoding any smaller analog voltage span
to the full 8 bits of resolution.

n Compatible with 8080 μP derivatives—no interfacing
logic needed - access time - 135 ns
n Easy interface to all microprocessors, or operates “stand

n Differential analog voltage inputs
n Logic inputs and outputs meet both MOS and TTL
voltage level specifications
n Works with 2.5V (LM336) voltage reference
n On-chip clock generator
n 0V to 5V analog input voltage range with single 5V
n No zero adjust required
n 0.3" standard width 20-pin DIP package
n 20-pin molded chip carrier or small outline package
n Operates ratiometrically or with 5 VDC, 2.5 VDC, or
analog span adjusted voltage reference

Key Specifications
n Resolution 8 bits
n Total error ±1⁄4 LSB, ±1⁄2 LSB and ±1 LSB
n Conversion time 100 μs

Click here to download National Semiconductor pdf datasheets ADC0801/ADC0802/ADC0803/ADC0804/ADC0805 8-Bit μP Compatible A/D Converters

Datasheets Download-National Semiconductor pdf datasheets download


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