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download ATMEL pdf datasheets 32-bit Atmel AVR Microcontroller AT32UC3L064 AT32UC3L032 AT32UC3L016

32-bit Atmel

?High-performance, Low-power 32-bit Atmel?AVR?Microcontroller
?Compact Single-cycle RISC Instruction Set Including DSP Instructions
?Read-modify-write Instructions and Atomic Bit Manipulation
?Up to 64DMIPS Running at 50MHz from Flash (1 Flash Wait State)
?Up to 36DMIPS Running at 25MHz from Flash (0 Flash Wait State)
?Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
?Secure Access Unit (SAU) providing User-defined Peripheral Protection
?picoPower?Technology for Ultra-low Power Consumption
?Multi-hierarchy Bus System
?High-performance Data Transfers on Separate Buses for Increased Performance
?12 Peripheral DMA Channels Improve Speed for Peripheral Communication
?Internal High-speed Flash
?64Kbytes, 32Kbytes, and 16Kbytes Versions
?Single-cycle Access up to 25MHz
?FlashVault Technology Allows Pre-programmed Secure Library Support for End
User Applications
?Prefetch Buffer Optimizing Instruction Execution at Maximum Speed
?100,000 Write Cycles, 15-year Data Retention Capability
?Flash Security Locks and User-defined Configuration Area
?Internal High-speed SRAM, Single-cycle Access at Full Speed
?16Kbytes (64Kbytes and 32Kbytes Flash), or 8Kbytes (16Kbytes Flash)
?Interrupt Controller (INTC)
?Autovectored Low-latency Interrupt Service with Programmable Priority
?External Interrupt Controller (EIC)
?Peripheral Event System for Direct Peripheral to Peripheral Communication
?System Functions
?Power and Clock Manager
?SleepWalking Power Saving Control
?Internal System RC Oscillator (RCSYS)
?32KHz Oscillator
?Multipurpose Oscillator and Digital Frequency Locked Loop (DFLL)
?Windowed Watchdog Timer (WDT)
?Asynchronous Timer (AST) with Real-time Clock Capability
?Counter or Calendar Mode Supported
?Frequency Meter (FREQM) for Accurate Measuring of Clock Frequency
?Six 16-bit Timer/Counter (TC) Channels
?External Clock Inputs, PWM, Capture, and Various Counting Capabilities
?36 PWM Channels (PWMA)
?8-bit PWM with a Source Clock up to 150MHz
?Four Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters (USART)
?Independent Baudrate Generator, Support for SPI
?Support for Hardware Handshaking
?One Master/Slave Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI) with Chip Select Signals
?Up to 15 SPI Slaves can be Addressed
?Two Master and Two Slave Two-wire Interface (TWI), 400kbit/s I2C-compatible
?One 8-channel Analog-to-digital Converter (ADC) with up to 12 Bits Resolution
?Internal Temperature Sensor

• Eight Analog Comparators (AC) with Optional Window Detection
• Capacitive Touch (CAT) Module
– Hardware-assisted Atmel® AVR® QTouch® and Atmel® AVR® QMatrix Touch Acquisition
– Supports QTouch and QMatrix Capture from Capacitive Touch Sensors
• QTouch Library Support
– Capacitive Touch Buttons, Sliders, and Wheels
– QTouch and QMatrix Acquisition
• On-chip Non-intrusive Debug System
– Nexus Class 2+, Runtime Control, Non-intrusive Data and Program Trace
– aWire Single-pin Programming Trace and Debug Interface Muxed with Reset Pin
– NanoTrace Provides Trace Capabilities through JTAG or aWire Interface
• 48-pin TQFP/QFN/TLLGA (36 GPIO Pins)
• Five High-drive I/O Pins
• Single 1.62-3.6 V Power Supply

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