Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Read/Write Base Station U2270B download ATMEL pdf datasheets

Base Station

• Carrier Frequency fosc 100 kHz to 150 kHz
• Typical Data Rate up to 5 Kbaud at 125 kHz
• Suitable for Manchester and Bi-phase Modulation
• Power Supply from the Car Battery or from 5V Regulated Voltage
• Optimized for Car Immobilizer Applications
• Tuning Capability
• Microcontroller-compatible Interface
• Low Power Consumption in Standby Mode
• Power-supply Output for Microcontroller

• Car Immobilizers
• Animal Identification
• Access Control
• Process Control

1. Description
The U2270B is an IC for IDIC® read/write base stations in contactless identification
and immobilizer systems.
The IC incorporates the energy-transfer circuit to supply the transponder. It consists of
an on-chip power supply, an oscillator, and a coil driver optimized for automotive-specific
distances. It also includes all signal-processing circuits which are necessary to
transform the small input signal into a microcontroller-compatible signal.

Click here to download ATMEL pdf datasheets Read/Write Base Station U2270B

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