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AVR465 8-bit Microcontrollers Application Note download ATMEL pdf datasheets

Application Note

AVR465: Single-Phase Power/Energy Meter
with Tamper Detection
• Cost-Effective and Flexible Single-Phase Energy Meter
• Fulfills IEC 61036 Accuracy Requirements for Class 1 Meters
• Detects, Signals and Continues to Measure Accurately Under At Least 20 Different
Tamper Conditions
• Design Easily Downgrades to Fit Normal Single-Phase Energy Metering
• Compact Design With Internal Flash Memory, SRAM and EEPROM
• Includes USART and Programmable I/O
• LCD Is Easily Added By Migrating To Other AVR Microcontrollers
• Secure and Reprogrammable Flash Memory Enables Flexible Firmware Updates
• One-Time, Quick, and Accurate Digital Calibration Gives Added Benefits
- Calibration Can Be Automated
- No Need for Trimming Components
- No Need for External EEPROM, as Calibration Coefficients Are Stored Internally
• Adjustable Energy Pulse Output Goes Beyond 10.000 Impulses / kWh
• Active Power, Voltage and Current Measurements are Easily Accessible Over
USART Interface
• Design Easily Migrates to Any Other AVR Microcontroller
• Low-Power AVR Microcontroller Allows Operation Down To 1.8V
This application note describes a single-phase power/energy meter with tamper
logic. The design measures active power, voltage, and current in a single-phase
distribution environment. It differs from ordinary single-phase meters in that it uses
two current transducers to measure active power in both live and neutral wires.
This enables the meter to detect, signal, and continue to measure reliably even
when subject to external attempts of tampering.
The heart of the meter is an AVR microcontroller. All measurements are carried out
in the digital domain and measurement results are available in the form of
frequency-modulated pulse outputs and as plain-text values, accessible over the
USART interface. This enables the design to be used in cost-effective applications
based on mechanical display counters. Alternatively, the design easily fits more
computerized applications with features such as remote reading (AMR), demand
recording, multiple tariffs, and other.
A prototype built for 230V and 10A operation showed better than 1% accuracy over
a dynamic range of 500:1. With careful PCB design and following the guidelines
given at the end of this document the accuracy can be further increased. The meter
is easily configured to fit any other voltage and current settings.

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