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AT91SAM7SE-EK Evaluation Board User Guide download ATMEL pdf datasheets

AT91SAM7SE-EK Evaluation Board
User Guide

Scope The AT91SAM7SE-EK evaluation board enables the evaluation of and code development
for applications running on an AT91SAM7SE device.
This guide focuses on the AT91SAM7SE-EK board as an evaluation platform.
1.2 Deliverables
1.2.1 Standard Version
The AT91SAM7SE-EK package contains the following items:
! An AT91SAM7SE-EK board
! One Universal input AC/DC power supply with US and Europe plug adapter
! One A/B-type USB cable
! One serial RS232 cable
! One CD-ROM containing summary and full datasheets, datasheets with electrical and
mechanical characteristics, application notes and getting started documents for all
development boards and AT91 microcontrollers. An AT91 software package with C
and assembly listings is also provided. This allows the user to begin evaluating the
AT91 ARM?Thumb?32-bit microcontroller quickly.
The board is equipped with an AT91SAM7SE512 (128-pin LQFP package) together with
the following:
! 32 Mbytes of SDRAM memory
! 256 Mbytes of NAND Flash memory
! One USB device port interface
! One DBGU serial communication port
! One additional serial communication port with RTS/CTS handshake control
! One JTAG/ICE debug interface
! One Atmel AT73C213 Stereo Audio DAC

Setting Up the AT91SAM7SE-EK
2.1 Electrostatic
The AT91SAM7SE-EK evaluation board is shipped in protective anti-static packaging.
The board must not be subjected to high electrostatic potentials. A grounding strap or
similar protective device should be worn when handling the board. Avoid touching the
component pins or any other metallic element.
2.2 Requirements In order to set up the AT91SAM7SE-EK evaluation board, the following items are
! The AT91SAM7SE-EK evaluation board itself.
! AC/DC power adapter (5V at 2A), 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm

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