Sunday, May 12, 2013

High performance EEPROM CPLD ATF1502ASV download ATMEL pdf datasheets


?High-density, High-performance, Electrically-erasable Complex Programmable
Logic Device
?3.0 to 3.6V Operating Range
?32 Macrocells
?5 Product Terms per Macrocell, Expandable up to 40 per Macrocell
?44 Pins
?15 ns Maximum Pin-to-pin Delay
?Registered Operation up to 77 MHz
?Enhanced Routing Resources
?In-System Programmability (ISP) via JTAG
?Flexible Logic Macrocell
?D/T Latch Configurable Flip-flops
?Global and Individual Register Control Signals
?Global and Individual Output Enable
?Programmable Output Slew Rate
?Programmable Output Open Collector Option
?Maximum Logic Utilization by Burying a Register with a COM Output
?Advanced Power Management Features
?Pin-controlled 0.75 mA Standby Mode
?Programmable Pin-keeper Inputs and I/Os
?Reduced-power Feature per Macrocell
?Available in Commercial and Industrial Temperature Ranges
?Available in 44-lead PLCC and TQFP
?Advanced EEPROM Technology
?100% Tested
?Completely Reprogrammable
?10,000 Program/Erase Cycles
?20-year Data Retention
?2000V ESD Protection
?200 mA Latch-up Immunity
?JTAG Boundary-scan Testing to IEEE Std. 1149.1-1990 and 1149.1a-1993 Supported
?Security Fuse Feature
?Green (Pb/Halide-fee/RoHS Compliant) Package Options
Enhanced Features
?Improved Connectivity (Additional Feedback Routing, Alternate Input Routing)
?Output Enable Product Terms
?D Latch Mode
?Combinatorial Output with Registered Feedback within Any Macrocell
?Three Global Clock Pins
?Fast Registered Input from Product Term
?Programmable 揚in-keeper?Option
?VCC Power-up Reset Option
?Pull-up Option on JTAG Pins TMS and TDI
?Advanced Power Management Features
?Individual Macrocell Power Option

Click here to download ATMEL pdf datasheets High performance EEPROM CPLD ATF1502ASV

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