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download ATMEL pdf datasheets 32-bit Atmel AVR Microcontroller ATUC256L3U ATUC128L3U ATUC64L3U ATUC256L4U ATUC128L4U ATUC64L4U

32-bit Atmel

• High-performance, Low-power 32-bit Atmel® AVR® Microcontroller
– Compact Single-cycle RISC Instruction Set Including DSP Instructions
– Read-modify-write Instructions and Atomic Bit Manipulation
– Performance
• Up to 64DMIPS Running at 50MHz from Flash (1 Flash Wait State)
• Up to 36DMIPS Running at 25MHz from Flash (0 Flash Wait State)
– Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
• Secure Access Unit (SAU) providing User-defined Peripheral Protection
• picoPower® Technology for Ultra-low Power Consumption
• Multi-hierarchy Bus System
– High-performance Data Transfers on Separate Buses for Increased Performance
– 12 Peripheral DMA Channels improve Speed for Peripheral Communication
• Internal High-speed Flash
– 256Kbytes, 128Kbytes, and 64Kbytes Versions
– Single-cycle Access up to 25MHz
– FlashVault Technology Allows Pre-programmed Secure Library Support for End
User Applications
– Prefetch Buffer Optimizing Instruction Execution at Maximum Speed
– 100,000 Write Cycles, 15-year Data Retention Capability
– Flash Security Locks and User-defined Configuration Area
• Internal High-speed SRAM, Single-cycle Access at Full Speed
– 32Kbytes (256Kbytes and 128Kbytes Flash) and 16Kbytes (64Kbytes Flash)
• Interrupt Controller (INTC)
– Autovectored Low-latency Interrupt Service with Programmable Priority
• External Interrupt Controller (EIC)
• Peripheral Event System for Direct Peripheral to Peripheral Communication
• System Functions
– Power and Clock Manager
– SleepWalking Power Saving Control
– Internal System RC Oscillator (RCSYS)
– 32KHz Oscillator
– Multipurpose Oscillator, Phase Locked Loop (PLL), and Digital Frequency Locked
Loop (DFLL)
• Windowed Watchdog Timer (WDT)
• Asynchronous Timer (AST) with Real-time Clock Capability
– Counter or Calendar Mode Supported
• Frequency Meter (FREQM) for Accurate Measuring of Clock Frequency
• Universal Serial Bus (USBC)
– Full Speed and Low Speed USB Device Support
– Multi-packet Ping-pong Mode
• Six 16-bit Timer/Counter (TC) Channels
– External Clock Inputs, PWM, Capture, and Various Counting Capabilities
• 36 PWM Channels (PWMA)
– 12-bit PWM with a Source Clock up to 150MHz
• Four Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitters (USART)
– Independent Baudrate Generator, Supp
• One Master/Slave Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) with Chip Select Signals
– Up to 15 SPI Slaves can be Addressed
• Two Master and Two Slave Two-wire Interfaces (TWI), 400kbit/s I2C-compatible
• One 8-channel Analog-to-digital Converter (ADC) with up to 12 Bits Resolution
– Internal Temperature Sensor
• Eight Analog Comparators (AC) with Optional Window Detection
• Capacitive Touch (CAT) Module
– Hardware-assisted Atmel® AVR® QTouch® and Atmel® AVR® QMatrix Touch Acquisition
– Supports QTouch and QMatrix Capture from Capacitive Touch Sensors
• QTouch Library Support
– Capacitive Touch Buttons, Sliders, and Wheels
– QTouch and QMatrix Acquisition
• Audio Bitstream DAC (ABDACB) Suitable for Stereo Audio
• Inter-IC Sound (IISC) Controller
– Compliant with Inter-IC Sound (I2S) Specification
• On-chip Non-intrusive Debug System
– Nexus Class 2+, Runtime Control, Non-intrusive Data and Program Trace
– aWire Single-pin Programming Trace and Debug Interface, Muxed with Reset Pin
– NanoTrace Provides Trace Capabilities through JTAG or aWire Interface
• 64-pin TQFP/QFN (51 GPIO Pins), 48-pin TQFP/QFN/TLLGA (36 GPIO Pins)
• Six High-drive I/O Pins (64-pin Packages), Four High-drive I/O Pins (48-pin Packages)
• Single 1.62-3.6V Power Supply

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