Saturday, May 11, 2013

STK501 User Guide download ATMEL pdf datasheets

User Guide


The STK501 board is a top module designed to add ATmega103(L) and ATmega128(L)
support to the STK500 development board from Atmel Corporation. With this board the
STK500 is extended to support all current AVR devices in a single development
The STK501 includes connectors, jumpers and hardware allowing full utilization of the
new features of the ATmega128(L) while the Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) socket allows
easy use of TQFP packages for prototyping.
This user guide acts as a general getting started guide as well as a complete technical
reference for advanced users.
In addition to adding support for new devices, it also adds new support for peripherals
previously not supported by the STK500. An additional RS-232 port and external SRAM
interface are09/01 among the new features. Devices with dual UART or XRAM interface
can all take advantage of the new resources on the STK501 board.


STK500 Compatible
AVR Studio® Compatible
Supports ATmega103(L) and ATmega128(L)
Zero Insertion Force Socket for TQFP Packages
TQFP Footprint for Emulator Adapters
Supports all Added Features in ATmega128(L)
JTAG Connector for On-chip Debugging Using JTAG ICE (ATmega128(L))
Additional RS-232C Port with Available RTS/CTS Handshake Lines
Adds External SRAM Support to the STK500 Board (Usable for all Devices with
XRAM Interface)
On-board 32 kHz Crystal for Easy RTC Implementations

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