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ads5474.pdf download Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet

?400-MSPS Sample Rate  ?TQFP-80 PowerPAD?Package 
?14-Bit Resolution, 11.2-Bits ENOB  (14 mm ?14 mm footprint) 
?1.4-GHz Input Bandwidth ?SFDR = 80 dBc at 230 MHz and 400 MSPS  ?Industrial Temperature Range: ?0� to +85� 
?SNR = 69.8 dBFS at 230 MHz and 400 MSPS ?2.2-VPP Differential Input Voltage ?LVDS-Compatible Outputs  ?Pin-Similar/Compatible with 12-, 13-, and 14-Bit Family: ADS5463 and ADS5440/ADS5444 
?Total Power Dissipation: 2.5 W  APPLICATIONS 
?Power Down Mode: 50 mW  ?Test and Measurement Instrumentation 
?Offset Binary Output Format  ?Software-Defined Radio 
?Output Data Transitions on the Rising and  ?Data Acquisition 
Falling Edges of a Half-Rate Output Clock ?On-Chip Analog Buffer, Track-and-Hold, and Reference Circuit  ?Power Amplifier Linearization ?Communication Instrumentation ?Radar 
The ADS5474 is a 14-bit, 400-MSPS analog-to-digital converter (ADC) that operates from both a 5-V supply and
3.3-V supply while providing LVDS-compatible digital outputs. This ADC is one of a family of 12-, 13-, and 14-bit
ADCs that operate from 210 MSPS to 500 MSPS. The ADS5474 input buffer isolates the internal switching of the
onboard track and hold (T&H) from disturbing the signal source while providing a high-impedance input. An
internal reference generator is also provided to simplify the system design.
Designed with a 1.4-GHz input bandwidth for the conversion of wide-bandwidth signals that exceed 400 MHz of
input frequency at 400 MSPS, the ADS5474 has outstanding low-noise performance and spurious-free dynamic
range over a large input frequency range.
The ADS5474 is available in an TQFP-80 PowerPAD package. The device is built on Texas Instruments
complementary bipolar process (BiCom3) and is specified over the full industrial temperature range (�40°C to

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