Monday, December 10, 2012

ucc28610.pdf download Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet

 Cascoded Configuration Allows Fully "  Universal Input AC and DC Adapters
Integrated Current Control Without External  65 W 
Sense Resistor   High Efficiency Housekeeping and Auxillary "
 Fast Start Up With Low Standby Power " Power Supplies 
Achieved by Cascode Configuration   Offline Battery Chargers "
 Frequency and Peak Current Modulation for Optimum Efficiency Over Entire Operating Range "  Consumer Electronics (DVD Players
 Green-Mode (GM) Burst Switching Packets " DESCRIPTION 
Improve No-Load Efficiency  The UCC28610 brings a new level of performance 
 Advanced Overcurrent Protection Limits RMS " and reliability to the AC and DC consumer power 
Input and Output Currents  supply solution. 
 Thermal Shutdown " A PWM modulation algorithm varies both the 
 Timed Overload With Retry or Latch-Off Response " Programmable Opto-Less Output Over-Voltage Protection " switching frequency and primary current while maintaining discontinuous or transition mode operation over the entire operating range. Combined with a cascoded architecture, these innovations result in efficiency, reliability, and system cost 
 Fast Latched Fault Recovery " 8-Pin SOIC Package and 8-Pin PDIP Lead-Free " improvements over a conventional flyback architecture. 
Packages  The UCC28610 offers a predictable maximum power 
threshold and a timed response to an overload, 
allowing safe handling of surge power requirements. 
Overload fault response is user-programmed for retry 
or latch-off mode. Additional protection features 
include output overvoltage detection, programmable 
maximum on-time, and thermal shutdown. 

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