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ucd9220.pdf download Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet

FEATURES   Supported by Fusion Digital Power" "  
 Fully Configurable Multi-Output and Multi-Phase Non-Isolated DC/DC PWM Controller " Controls Up To Two Voltage Rails and Up To " Designer, a Full Featured PC Based Design Tool to Simulate, Configure, and Monitor Power Supply Performance.   
Four Phases  APPLICATIONS   
 Supports Switching Frequencies Up to 2MHz With 250 ps Duty-Cycle Resolution " Up To 1mV Closed Loop Resolution " Hardware-Accelerated  3-Pole/3-Zero Compensator With Non-Linear Gain for "  Industrial/ATE " Networking Equipment " Telecommunications Equipment " Servers "
Improved Transient Performance   Storage Systems "  
 Supports Multiple Soft-Start and Soft-Stop "  FPGA  DSP and Memory Power "
Configurations Including Prebias Start-up  Supports Voltage Tracking  Margining and " DESCRIPTION 
Sequencing  Supports Current and Temperature Balancing for Multi-Phase Power Stages " Supports Phase Adding/Shedding for Multi-Phase Power Stages " The UCD9220 is a multi-rail, multi-phase synchronous buck digital PWM controller designed for non-isolated DC/DC power applications. This device integrates dedicated circuitry for DC/DC loop management with flash memory and a serial interface to support configuration, monitoring and   
 Sync In /Out Pins Align DPWM Clocks " management.   
Between Multiple UCD9220 Devices  The UCD9220 was designed to provide a wide   
 12-Bit Digital Monitoring of Power Supply Parameters Including: � Input Current and Voltage � Output Current and Voltage " variety of desirable features for non-isolated DC/DC converter applications while minimizing the total system component count by reducing external circuits. The solution integrates multi-loop management with sequencing, margining, tracking   
� Temperature at Each Power Stage  Multiple Levels of Overcurrent Fault Protection: � External Current Fault Inputs � Analog Comparators Monitor Current Sense Voltage � Current Digitally Monitored " and intelligent phase management to optimize for total system efficiency. Additionally, loop compensation and calibration are supported without the need to add external components. To facilitate configuring the device, the Texas Instruments Fusion Digital Power Designer is provided. This PC based Graphical User Interface offers an intuitive interface to the device. This tool "  
 Over and Undervoltage Fault Protection " Overtemperature Fault Protection " Enhanced Nonvolatile Memory With Error Correction Code (ECC) " allows the design engineer to configure the system operating parameters for the application, store the configuration to on-chip non-volatile memory and observe both frequency domain and time domain simulations for each of the power stage outputs.   
 Device Operates From a Single Supply With an Internal Regulator Controller That Allows Operation Over a Wide Supply Voltage Range " TI has also developed multiple complementary power stage solutions � from discrete drives in the UCD7k family to fully tested power train modules in the PTD   
family. These solutions have been developed to   
complement the UCD9k family of system power   

DatasheetDoc-Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet download


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