Thursday, December 6, 2012

tps84610.pdf download Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet

?Complete Integrated Power Solution Allows Small Footprint, Low-Profile Design ?Efficiencies Up To 96% ?Wide-Output Voltage Adjust  The TPS84610RKG is an easy-to-use integrated power solution that combines a 6-A DC/DC converter with power MOSFETs, an inductor, and passives into a low profile, BQFN package. This total power 
0.8 V to 3.6 V, with ?% Reference Accuracy  solution requires as few as 3 external components 
?Adjustable Switching Frequency (500 kHz to 2 MHz)  and eliminates the loop compensation and magnetics part selection process. 
?Synchronizes to an External Clock ?Adjustable Slow-Start ?Output Voltage Sequencing / Tracking  The 9?1?.8 mm BQFN package is easy to solder onto a printed circuit board and allows a compact point-of-load design with greater than 90% efficiency and excellent power dissipation with a thermal 
?Power Good Output  impedance of 12癈/W junction to ambient. The 
?Programmable Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) ?Output Overcurrent Protection ?Over Temperature Protection ?Operating Temperature Range: ?0癈 to 85癈  device delivers the full 6-A rated output current at 85癈 ambient temperature without airflow. The TPS84610 offers the flexibility and the feature-set of a discrete point-of-load design and is ideal for powering performance DSPs and FPGAs. 
?Enhanced Thermal Performance: 12癈/W  Advanced packaging technology afford a robust and 
?Meets EN55022 Class B Emissions  reliable power solution compatible with standard QFN mounting and testing techniques. 
• Broadband and Communications
• Automated Test and Medical Equipment
• Compact PCI / PCI Express / PXI Express
• DSP and FPGA Point of Load Applications
• High Density Distributed Power Systems

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