Thursday, December 6, 2012

tps728185315.pdf download Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet

Features                                           DESCRIPTION
・ Very Low Dropout: 230mV Typical at 200mA  The TPS728xx series of low-dropout linear regulators 
・ 3% Accuracy Over Load/Line/Temperature ・ Low IQ: 50μA in Active Mode ・ Available in Fixed-Output Voltages From 0.9V to 3.6V Using Innovative Factory EEPROM Programming  (LDOs), with a selectable dual-voltage level output, is designed specially for applications that require two levels of output voltage regulation. Programming fuses and memory cards, reducing leakage effects, and conserving power in nanometric processes are some application examples. 
・ VSET Pin Toggles Output Voltage Between Two Preset Levels  The VSET pin is used to select one of two output voltage levels preset through innovative factory 
� Preset Output Voltage Levels Can Be  EEPROM programming. A precision bandgap and 
EEPROM-Programmed To Any Combination ・ High PSRR: 65dB at 1kHz  error amplifier provides an overall 3% accuracy over load, line, and temperature extremes. 
・ Stable with a 1.0μF Ceramic Capacitor ・ Thermal Shutdown and Over-Current Protection  Ultra-small wafer chip scale (WCSP) and 2mm x 2mm SON packages make the TPS728xx series ideal for handheld applications. 
・ Available in Wafer-Level Chip Scale and 2mm x 2mm SON Packages  This family of devices is fully specified over a temperature range of TJ = �40°C to +125°C. 
・ Power Rails with Programming Mode
・ Dual Voltage Levels for Power-Saving Mode
・ Leakage Reduction for 90nm and 65nm
・ Wireless Handsets, Smart Phones, PDAs
・ MP3 Players and Other Handheld Products

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