Thursday, December 6, 2012

tps62750.pdf download Texas Instruments TI pdf datasheet

 Efficiency > 90% at Nominal Operating "  USB Wireless Modems "
Conditions   Portable USB peripherals "
 Programmable Average Input Current Limits "  Handheld Computers "
for USB Applications � 50mA to 300mA for Low Current Limit  DESCRIPTION 
Range  The TPS6275x device is a highly efficient 
� 300mA to 1.3A for High Current Limit Range � ±10% Current Accuracy  Stable Output Voltage for Load Transients to Minimize Overshoot at Load Step Response " Hot Plug and Reverse Current Protection " synchronous step down dc-dc converter optimized for USB powered portable applications. It can provide up to 1300mA average input current and is ideal for applications connected to a USB host. With an input voltage range of 2.9 V to 6.0V, the device supports batteries with extended voltage range and is ideal for powering USB applications 
 Automatic PFM/PWM Mode transition " where USB compliance is required. 
(TPS62750)  Forced PWM for Noise Sensitive Applications (TPS62751) " The TPS62750 operates at 2.25-MHz fixed switching frequency and enters Power Save Mode operation at light load currents to maintain high efficiency over the 
 VIN Range From 2.9V to 6V " Adjustable VOUT From 0.8V to 0.85×VIN " Softstart for Inrush Current Prevention " entire load current range. The TPS62751 operates in Forced PWM mode allowing use in applications that are noise sensitive. An output discharge allows the load to discharge in shutdown. 
 2.25 MHz Fixed Frequency Operation " Short Cicruit and Thermal Shutdown " The 10% accurate average input current limit can be programmed with an external resistor, allowing use in 
Protection  applications such as USB, where the current drawn 
 Available in a 2.5 × 2.5 10 pin SON Package " from the bus must be limited to 500mA. 
The TPS6275x allows the use of small inductors and
capacitors to achieve a small solution size. The
TPS6275x is available in a 2,5mm × 2,5mm 10-pin
SON package.

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